Helping Students Build a Strong Foundation

If each student is to reach his potential as a person, he must, through all of the opportunities available at EAC, gain some degree of self knowledge as well as an appreciation of his own worth.

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Educational Advancement Center

Who We Are

The Educational Advancement Center for Boys is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization focused on providing social support and programming for boys that show a strong interest for strengthening academic success.

The support offered by EAC includes guidance counseling, developing an academic mindset, and promoting college aspirations.

Students will set realistic goals and collaborate with our staff and their family members. Our long-term approach means helping each student make academic and personal choices that will maximize their opportunities and secure their future.

Our Mission

EAC encourages each student to be well-rounded and attain his highest level of accomplishment as a scholar, and above all, as a conscientious and responsible individual. Using each boy's strength and interests as a starting point, EAC offers programs that take students out of their comfort zones and expand their horizons.

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These are the colleges and universities that our students have

Rhodes College Logo
Sewanee: The University Of The South
Parsons School of Design
Clemson University
Tennessee University
Rhodes College Logo
Sewanee: The University Of The South
Parsons School of Design
Clemson University
Tennessee University

How do we prepare our students?

EAC will provide each student with the necessary tools needed to maximize their goals.

Middle School

The Educational Advancement Center for Boys focuses on providing academic support for boys grades 5-6 who show strong academic potential, but lack the foundation and time-management skills. The support offered by EAC includes a two-week summer class schedule in General Math, Science, English, Art, and Debate.

High School

Assisting with college visits upon request

Providing guidance counseling based on personal attention and support for each student

Creating a culture of intellectual depth and growth through strong academics

Create a spirit of serving others through multiple service offerings and mentoring relationships

Providing travel abroad opportunities

Summer Offerings

Computer Skills

2 weeks

Film School

2 weeks

Music School (Jazz)

2 weeks

Art School

2 weeks

Study abroad

Supporting Our Students Through the Education Abroad Process

Traveling abroad is one of the best educational experiences any young student can have. It allows our students to immerse themselves in a foreign language, appreciate different cultures, and boost their confidence by getting outside of their comfort zones.

Places our
students have visited

The trip to South Africa was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. I came back with insight on the South African culture & lifestyle. This trip made me grateful for my life in America.

B. Doyte

Rhodes College

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Jamie Redmond
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